Some homes, like my wife’s aunt and uncle’s home, which is nearby, saw a depth of about 4-5 inches rush through their home, while the grandparents had to brave four feet of water swirling them and all of their possessions around like toys. Thankfully they have a wonderful caregiver named Frankie Donison who was able to help get the grandparents out of the house within minutes of disaster. You may have even seen her grandmother Florence, who was pictured all over the U.S. being rescued from her home in her wheelchair. She was wheeled out of her home with water up to her neck!

All in all, it was a very scary situation, and is unbelievable as we stand back and look at the devastation. They had their home gutted of all the carpet, furniture and appliances, which were ruined, and had the walls taken back to the studs four feet up.

Their car and caregiver’s car were both totaled, and they will not be able to move back into their home for about the next 45 days as massive repairs are made.

Last Wednesday when the flooding occured I was not able to go out to the home initially due to my shooting schedule. However, I had Aynsley go out and take tons of pictures to document this devistating event.

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