Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute Kids, Tough Attorneys, and Tracy Kornet

Hello All,
My magazine just did their annual Best Of Fort Worth Issue, so I wanted to share some bits and pieces. The fun part about working here is that I shoot everything, so there is a ton of variety all the time. I probably talk about this alot, but it rocks so I can do that. Anyway, here are some shots to check out:

First off, there is nothing cuter or funnier than kids eating food. This was shot at the Purple Cow in Fort Worth, they were voted 'Best Kids Menu' in 2009.

Now these guys weren't in a best of category, but were featured in our Family Law profile section. They wanted to illustrate how they will fight for their clients, so no better venue than a boxing rink. You can check them out here.

And finally, we have Tracy Kornet, who anchors for CBS 11 and TXA 21 in Fort Worth. She was voted 'Most Attractive News Anchor,' and was a very sweet lady to work with.

Also, to let you guys know, we are pumped to announce that our redesigned website will be going live soon. Don't worry, you will definitely know when it hits. This is very exciting for us, which means you should be excited to. And show it everyone you have ever met. Ever. Thanks and stay posted!

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